This CD is compiled and offered to you in the hopes of raising money for the Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center's (CHRMC) uncompensated care fund. At the beginning of the 20th century, 1907 Anna Clise, her husband, and some neighbors founded what was then called Children's Orthopedic Hospital after her child had died as the result of childhood illness. Part of CHRMC's mission was that no child needing medical care should be turned away from Children's because of race, religion, or inability to pay. This mission was a remarkable and daring gesture in 1904, when racism and xenophobia were very much in fashion. Today, various guilds in the Puget Sound area are constantly raising money for this uncompensated care fund. I have been an employee at Children's for almost three years and feel I have been treated very well. This place has soul. I wanted to give back a little. So this is my small contribution.

I have been playing acoustic guitar now for about 50 years. I was a professional musician and music educator for many years, although for the past 25 years, this has really been a hobby. About a year and a half ago, I began composing and arranging music, again as a hobby.

This collection is the result of a year and a half of work. Seven of these pieces are my own composition. One is an original arrangement of a jazz classic, one is an old Spanish folk song, and another is a thorough-composed piece by Francisco Tarrega. I arranged, performed, or sequenced all parts, recording multiple tracks and putting them together. I hope you enjoy hearing these as much as I enjoyed making this CD. Below are a few notes on this music.