Just What Is Medical Transcription?



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Quality Versus Profit

Medical transcription is the process whereby medical dictation is
turned into a medical record, a medicolegal document. Every time
you go to the doctor's office, a clinic, or a hospital, that encounter is
documented for continuity of care issues, reimbursement, and legal

The medical transcriptionist (MT), also known as a medical
language specialist, needs to have excellent English skills and a large
medical vocabulary. The MT needs to be able to distinguish
between sound-alike words, know the names of hundreds of
sutures, surgical instruments, lab tests, anatomical terms, etc.

But the hardest part is hearing and interpreting. Many nurses, court
reporters, and even medical students have felt their backgrounds
enabled them to be ablo to do this job, but they often fail owing to
weakness in hearing and interpretation. Doctors tend to talk like
they write, have foreign accents, mumble, mispronounce, and are
unclear. They dissect the English language with somewhat less
finesse than their patients!

This site will have resources for MTs, articles on working for
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