These are a few of my favorite links.


I am grateful to ezBoard for hosting the SOAP BOX. If you want to host
your own, I suggest them. I have tried a few others but this one seems the
most easy to use.

If you are a medical transcriptionist, you might also want to check out the
MTSO NATIONAL SURVEY. This board has not been active for a while,
but it has some interesting FAQs.

Both MT Desk ( and MT Monthly
are interesting. Do a search under MT or
Medical Transcription and you are likely to find a treasure trove.

Here are some places to look for medical terms: The MT Monthly site has some interesting lists of terms here. MT Desk has an alphabetical list of new terms, drugs, and procedures here. One can look specifically for drug names and terminology at the RX List, at the Pharmaceutical Information Network by generic and trade name, and at the Drug Information Index at web site. If you need physician name spelling and other information, you can try the AMA Physician Select site.

For the rundown on some third parties, you might want to check out this
site here at This covers both right-
and left-wing parties