If you have been visiting, you may have noticed that the blog looks quite different. I recently updated this site, it’s software, and I have begun blogging here again. I had been out of the habit of blogging for a couple of years.

I have renamed this site and changed its emphasis a little. Notice that I use the word “scrivener” in the title.

A scrivener is quite common in countries where there is a fairly high level of illiteracy, and it refers to someone who takes dictation and turns it into neat copy. Scriveners have been around for thousands of years, and sometimes they gain a rather good education in their trade, becoming knowledgeable about law, business, culture, politics, etc. When I was young, I used to see scrivener’s offices in Mexico, referred to as Escritorio Publico.

I worked as a medical transcriptionist and editor for many decades, in various hospitals, clinics, and universities. Doing so, I became quite interested in science, medicine, and human life and culture. That’s why I call this site The Scrivener’s Diary. I hope you will find something of interest here and swap a few yarns with me